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Do You Still Believe in Your Dreams?


You've come to the right place for answers and I am here to tell you that no matter where you are, no matter your age or number of times you’ve failed, it is never too late!  Your life can still be illuminated by the light of your dreams coming true!  It is just a matter of gaining and maintaining an entirely new perspective.  I am a living testament to how taking the time and energy necessary to accomplish this is so healing and rewarding.  Therefore, worth the process.  

Consider this website "Fireflies Still Glow" the place where you can find the necessary steps to take, encouragement, and enlightenment!  It is a place where your dreams can be revived!   


Sincerely Yours,



Open your mind and be transformed pictur

The Sky is the Limit

Their eyes are blind and cannot see

The hopes and dreams that reside in me

Their ears can’t hear the beating of a heart overflown

The fear in theirs is all they’ve ever known

Their hands dare not reach out to touch

The happiness of a life they desire so much

They believe without clout you’ll never make it

All they’ve ever known to do is fake it

Never knowing all it takes is a try

For the fire to start and never die

It is my hope that soon they will believe

With faith the sky IS the limit and ANYTHING can be achieved

- Gwendolyn Limehouse

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