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Fireflies beyond the Mulberry Bush
ISBN- 97817211026418  

People generally wonder about their purpose, especially when things are not going so well, or they have failed to accomplish their dreams or goals by a certain life point. Beyond the age of fifty, I came to realize that I had come to the proverbial crossroad (The Mulberry Bush) too many times. I failed to achieve my dreams (My fireflies) and my purpose was unclear. These realizations shook me - compelling me to take a serious assessment of my life to determine why I had yet to achieve my dreams. My life circumstances would not allow me to give up my fireflies but gave me the determination needed to face and deal with my personal roadblocks. It was a quest that turned out to be a lengthy, but worthwhile journey. That journey ultimately illuminated and opened the pathway to finally fulfilling my life's purpose. 

Through my story and original poetry, I share the message that there is always hope - and that no matter where you are in life or where you’ve been, it is never too late to find your purpose and live your dreams!

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