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Fireflies beyond the Mulberry Bush
ISBN- 97817211026418 
I experienced my first child and marriage when I was only sixteen, and divorced with four children by twenty- three.  At forty- three, it was the end of my second marriage that sent me on an urgent quest for fulfillment and purpose. Finding myself at life’s crossroads, again after so many years, it was more complicated than ever before.  Disillusioned, and severely broken by the reality of my failures and disappointments, I was lead back to where it all began.  I tell the story of how being back home with my aging parents after forty, tested my reason for existing, my patience and my faith.  I share actual events that compelled me to desperately seek the truths behind my failures, and how I discovered and properly dealt with past pain and disappointments to bring about a new attitude, confidence for a new beginning, peace and a fresh perspective on faith.  Like when I was a little girl, my dreams and aspirations are now glowing ever so brightly.  Through my story and original poems, my desire is to inspire others to live life to the fullest by resurrecting and pursuing their dreams.